Paganism in modern times – part 4; Name days

Posted: April 8, 2012 in From Bulgaria with love
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Name days

Bulgarian Name Days are the Bulgarian expression of a custom practiced in most countries in which the Eastern Orthodox and Greek orthodox religion is the official denomination.

A Name Day is a day of the year set aside on the calendar of the Bulgarian Orthodox church to celebrate the name and life of a certain Saint. Everyone named after that specific saint has cause for celebration, somewhat similar to a large scale birthday.

Some name days are associated with certain specific traditions. For example, on St. Nick’s Day a stuffed carp has to be cooked and served at dinner, while on St. George’s Day a lamb must be prepared.

Even though name days in general are usually associated with saints in Bulgaria some of them are in honor of important figures from the history of Bulgaria.

Interesting fact about the celebration of Name days in my country is that whenever someone of your friends has one you are obliged to go to his house and celebrate with him. And for this you don`t need any invitation. You just go.


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